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About us

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Takehara Co.Ltd.,funded a century ago , has celebrated many years of successful business in the automotive aftermarket industry. As a leading company in the automotive aftermarket, more than 500 products have been provided to consumers in the Asian community. With manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in Japan and China, the corporate direction has been set positively to seek out more international business opportunities in other regions for the future.

President Norizou Hirose

Quality Products for Attractive Prices

Our corporate philosophy is simple and straight forward to stay ahead of other manufacturers by manufacturing an array of enjoyable products that not only satisfying customers , but also providing premier quality with attractive prices.
Our corporate headquaters and central distribution center are located in Nagoya , Japan. In China, Shanghai Basta Auto Accessary Co.,Ltd. andShanghai Basta Trading Co.,Ltd.-our manufacturing facilities and trading offices are located in Shanghai. At these locations, our management officers from Nagoya headquaters oversee all engineering, production, and purchasing functions.

Award winning Products

The logo design of PROSTAFF is the U.S., Japan , and China registered trademark of Takehara Co., Ltd..The widely accepted PROSTAFF product line has been developed in Japan, and manufactured in both China and Japan. We put great emphasis on the quality control of PROSTAF products. Not only our management personnel ensures customer satisfaction at every level, but also all related overseas manufacturing facilities employ to the same highest quality standards as we do in Japan. This is why the PROSTAFF trademark has become a recognized brand widely.

Automotive Aftermarket products

we offer many high-performance auto care products. Wash, Dry and Glass, Polish/Buff and Wax, Wheels and Tires, Interior Care Items, Air Freshners, Additives, Electronics-Auto Security Systems, Polishers and Etc. Aftermarket products of PROSTAFF are not only recognized for their convenience and ease of application but also for performance and reliability.
Shanghai Trading Office

OEM partership

Our OEM products have been supplied to the home improvement industry, auto parts retail chaine stores ,mass merchandizers. This OEM partnership has been very successful for many years. And we anticipate increasing OEM partnerships for overseas markets in the future.

Global Network

With a tradition of leadership and trust from clients, it is our intension to be the leader in the global market. Please consider us whenever you are looking for a secure, reputable manufacturer with great selection and speedy distribution anywhere in the world. We look forward to doing business with you.
Shanghai Manufacturing Facility