Windshield Cleaner Kiirobin 120 

Removes oil films, secures a clear view on rainy days and make your driving safe.

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A standard model of Kiirobin that has been sold for more than 40 years and has been a favorite of users for a long time. Kiirobin is a product that reliably removes the glare on the glass, oil films, and oily coat that cause poor visibility during rainfall, and supports safe driving. The cerium oxide component can firmly and easily remove super-stubborn oil films that cannot be removed by any other product, and glass coats that have deteriorated and become difficult to see. In addition, if Kiirobin is used as a pretreatment agent for coating on windshield, the coating effect will be increased. Accessory: 1 exclusive sponge. Applicable Places: Automotive outer glass (and bathroom mirrors). Note: Before use, please make sure there are no foreign matters on the sponge. DO NOT use for inner glass of automotive. After use, wash and wipe off the agent thoroughly from the glass. Instructions: 1. Remove dirt and dust from window and wet the window with clean water. 2. Apply the agent on a sponge and rub glass 3. Keep rubbing until the liquid on the glass not repelling, and then wash off well with water.

  • [Reduces the glare of glass] Glare of oil films often stand out in the headlights of oncoming vehicles at night. Not only does it cause poor visibility, but it also causes chattering of the wiper. If you are worried, do not leave it, but let's remove it early.
  • [Oil films and oil coats] The cause of glare is an oil films or oil coats that sticks to the glass. The oil film is a film in which oil such as asphalt or car wax adheres to the glass, and the oil coat is a coat in which oil films are burned by sunlight. The oil coats are stubborn and cannot be easily removed with ordinary glass cleaners and window washer.
  • [For surface treatment before water repellent coating] If the windshield water repellent is deteriorated and applied repeatedly, not only will it not be effective, but it will also cause poor visibility. A good surface treatment will make the water repellent coating layer even and will be effective.
  • [Application method] Kiirobin is the best for oil film removal! Both oil films and oil coats are reliably removed. First, apply a liquid agent to the sponge wet with water and rub the glass surface repeatedly. When the liquid does not repel and becomes white, it is a sign that it has become beautiful. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and wipe with a wet towel.

Item number

Item number
Item name
Windshield Cleaner Kiirobin 120 
inner capacity
1 exclusive sponge
Product size
H:136mm W:72mm D:67mm
Product weight
case size
H:288mm W:431mm D:328mm
Carton weight
Number of items
60 (60x1)
suggested retail price

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