new Liquid Coating for Polisher Shine Polish Coating 

Deep luster and high water repellency, polisher exclusive coating!

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It is a special coating agent developed to maximize the polisher performance, with a glittering luster and an excellent water-repellent finish that makes it a dirt-resistant body. The combination of the finest carnauba wax and high-concentration glazing component gives a deep luster to the painted surface. Also, due to the double effect of fluorine resin and water repellent resin, excellent water repellent is obtained. Water drops will flow off with dirt. Furthermore, the coating effect lasts for about 3 months. It becomes hard to get dirty, and even if it gets dirty, you can easily remove it by washing only with water. With a combination balance that matches the polisher performance, it can be applied smoothly and thinly and can be wiped off smoothly. Applicable Place: Automobile painted body and parts. Available for all paint colors. Instructions: 1. Wash the sand and dirt on the paint, then wipe off water to dry the surface. 2. Put the liquid on the polisher pad, lightly press it to the paint and turn on the polisher to start polishing softly. 3. Please keep polishing to apply a thin coat on the body surface. 4. After polishing and the liquid dries in 5-10 minutes, wipe off with a dry clean cloth to finish.

Available for all paint colors.

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Item number
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Liquid Coating for Polisher Shine Polish Coating 
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H:212mm W:96mm D:48mm
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H:242mm W:502mm D:320mm
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30 (30x1)
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